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Soul Worker Dzenai

Soul Worker

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About Soul Worker Dzenai

SoulWorker is an anime-style free Action MORPG developed by Lion Games Studios from South Korea. The game story takes place fifteen years ago after a portal, called the emptiness, began bringing demons into the world.  The game features detailed cell-shaded anime images based on Rusty Hearts, emulating hand-drawn 2D images with 3D models.  Control among the game's six gender-locked courses and summon your weapon, including chainsaws, scythes, and demonic guitars.  The game's combat is action-oriented and requires aiming to execute combos properly, like the targeting system of Tera.  Players can unleash Zenith strikes that use stored energy gained in battle to carry out flashy and powerful moves with your weapon of choice, in addition to powerful two-player Coordination. 

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