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South Korea-based programmer Lion Games Studios prepares to unleash its own free-to-play Anime-Action MMO SOULWORKER to North American viewers. Selecting from a roster of vibrant personalities, players fight their way through over 100 postsecondary dungeons in co-op style. SOULWORKER features direct actions controller, thrilling PvP, and extreme conflict sessions -- all crafted in a special art style that is guaranteed to captivate anime fans.
His natural charms allow Erwin twist his admirers' hearts to a tizzy. His greatest confidence is simply overshadowed by his incredibly inquisitive character. He faces danger having an over-confident grin painted on his head, along with his 2 Gun Jazz pistols in his hands. ("Gun Jazz" has to be a brand new musical genre( STAT).
Lilly, whose badass demeanor makes her personal favourite personality, loves to antagonize and constantly has a cutting remark to hand. As soon as the demons descended upon the planet in the emptiness, they murdered her only friend. This occasion allow loose Lilly's insanity and her spirit manifested as the mortal Mist Scythe. She struggles the horrors of the new universe her own way -- that the barbarous, the greater.
The shadow of death covers the earth, ravaged by destruction and insanity. A portal site, called the Void, enabled black demons to cross over into the world. Their intention is to remove all humankind. Luckily, the gods bestowed a rainbow of expectation upon humankind: the SoulWorkers: kids who were missing to the Void and that have returned to Earth. Equipped with supernatural forces, they have the capability to put a stop to the black forces.
The first version of the game also includes two extra personalities -- Jin Seipatsu (a brawler) and Iris Yuma (who struggles using a hammer). Hopefully they'll launch in the English version shortly.
Whether or not you decide to play solo or as a staff, the two paths lead to the exact same endgame.
First published in Japan at 2016 and South Korea the next year, SOULWORKER's variant for English-speaking viewers -- printed by Gameforge -- entered Open Beta at February 2018. PC players can now get into the game on Steam or by means of the official Gameforge site.
To start with, how do you not love a character who struggles bad WITH A GUITAR??? The infant of this SoulWorkers, she is as vulnerable as she's adorable. Stella is a branded kid, whose spirit screams throughout her Howling Guitar. The heart-wrenching chords this woman plays audio from the ending to get many a foe. The well-meaning demon that resides within the tool will shield Stella into the end.
Presently, four figures are available to play (with two more on the way) from the English version (the first variations game six figures, with just two more on the way). Each character has their own special weapons and techniques. Character abilities can likewise be improved by leveling through quests and dungeons. Furthermore, players also get access to skills as they increase in level.
The warm-hearted Haru dropped what she held dear. But do not be deceived by that bashful and shy exterior. Deep in her burns a fire fueled by her lust for revenge. Her dutiful soul forged that the noble yet lethal Soulum Sword that's become her true companion.

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