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Black Desert Mobile

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Game Information

Black Desert Mobile is a mobile MMORPG inspired by the PC / Console fantasy MMORPG Black Desert Online. Like its PC predecessor, Black Desert Mobile boasts impressive visuals and shares a similar art style. The game looks like it will combine action MMORPG style combat with many of the life skill activities found in the first.

Black Desert Mobile Key Features:Mobile Game, PC Graphics - Black Desert Mobile boasts high fidelity graphics that look like they may be from a PC game. Fantasy Life - Explore an immersive world with non-combat activities like fishing, crafting, resource gathering, sailing, and much more. Action Combat - participate in face paced, action packed battle with ARPG style gameplay.

Silver Coins are the standard currency in Black Desert Online. You can receive them Grinding mobs, Quests, Selling Items (in the marketplace or to a NPC), Trading (using a trade manager), Purchasing. You may use silver coins to the entirety of the game, though some items will be through the money shop only which utilizes Pearls instead. 

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