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In Star Trek Online you can find some locked boxes purchasing at C-Store or by completing the assignments. The Cryptic Shop in Star Trek Online is a trade store to Purchase STO Items (Personnel, Bridge Officers, Combat Companions, Companions, Species, Tribbles, Ships, Bridge Packs, Duty Officers And Master Keys). The STO Master Keys will open some of the particular lock boxes, regardless of if conventional or gold box, Ferengi or Cardassian, temporal lock boxes as well as puzzle packages. A Master Key is used to unlock one Lock Box, which may be located through missions and featured events, or bought in the Dilithium Store or on the Exchange. The Key Ring Bundle is offered in the C-Store for a limited time. Additionally, it contains a Ultimate Tech Upgrade. Up to 99 Master Keys can be stored in a stack. STO Master Keys are keys at the Star Trek Online which can be used so as to receive their contents, to start lock boxes. These boxes which can be located during special events in the game and may only be used with STO Master Keys, may comprise outstanding rewards such as special gear for your character in Star Trek Online, items in the C-Store, or even uncommon starships!

We Will Send the STO Master Keys to you via mailbox in game. Mail in Star Trek Online is a method of sending messages and items from one player to another, or from one player's character to an alternate character. Please fill in your game character name and other informations correctly, feel free to contact us via livechat!

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