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  • Segnale lvl 199 Full Geared OP(ID:149827)
    Segnale Level 199 - Full set - MC3 +10 with x4 Vitality gems, Armor Helpyron +10 with x4 All ress gems, Pants Helpyron +10 with x4 6% CDR gems, Glove Helpyron +10 with 1.6 master, Boots Helpyron +10 with 19% CDR - x2 Papaya celebration Belt +10 - x2 Good health jade Bracalet - x1 Wings of the Ruler (Ys) with x2 all att gems - x1 Golden mechanic wings with x2 HP jewels - Destiny wings of growth with x2 hp gems - x1 Unique Deux Marble pet with x1 8% ABN gem - x1 Unique Goblin pet with x1 6% ABN gem - x4 more Unique pets - x1 Helion Whip +10 with x3 10% curse gem, 5k all att, 4.4 destroy, 3.7 critical hit - x1 Zuto Revelation Whip +10 with x3 10% curse gem, 3.7k all att, 3.7k destroy - x1 Corrupted bentuus tier 6 mount - x1 Great devil Horn - x1 Infinite Spirit Dragonic Perpetuus 10% abn - x2 LDN pk/pvp/ddr - x2 PSD - x2 Costumes - x1 OP PVE Costume with x2 50% additional exp, x2 DMG Tolerance mobs 9%, Magic Atck 17% purple, All Atack 24% orange - x1 OP PVP Costume with x1 Moviment SPD 30%, Max HP 6k green, Blue DDR res 9%, Blue PVP dmg res 6%, Purple 17% magic atack, Orange PVP dmg res 13% - Tons of others old acessories, buffs, dshop buffs - Runes box - EXP Scroll - Super pass tickets - Meister skills maxed HH, skills maxed And More...
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  • Aloken 180 full Equipped(ID:118169)
    Some Items, from the first, second and third best of the game:\r\n\r\nSkillst 170 - 180 Lvl : All Mesiters The Judgment +10,\r\nDark Arcadia Wings (best for damager),\r\nParca`s Wings Maxed (best for defense),\r\nPremiun Santa Comtume (best for damager),\r\nWeapon Gold Dragon +10 (180 Lvl),\r\n\r\nArmors:\r\n\r\nHelmet Leged MC2 4x 99 Guard (170 Lvl),\r\nPapaya Belt+9 2x3% Pk Pvp Tolereance,\r\nTrieste Armlet 2x - 3% Ardeka Gems (all atk),\r\n170 Gloves +9 3x vitality (170 Lvl),\r\nILipia +9 Armor, Pants, Boots, (170 lvl),\r\n\r\nJewelry:\r\n\r\n2x Perfect Spell Dragon,\r\nMitera Karon Fang Maxed,\r\nInfinite STR Perpetus\r\n\r\nFor Pve Item (Vs Monsters):\r\n\r\nImmo 2x \r\nSpells Legen Koreans +10 2x\r\n\r\nOthers:\r\n\r\n15 runes in box (for go lvl up: give u extra exp when you kill mods)\r\n1x HolyWater 30 days\r\n1x Best Emblem 30 Days\r\na few 500% talis exp+ 1x day\r\nand tickets Dungeons.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n
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  • xW(ID:117651)
    Level 180 Bagi warrior. 4.8B Cash. Destroyer (boots,glove,armor,helm). 2x pandetus +9. 160 +9 necklace x3 + 170+9 necklace x2. phantom wings for bagi. papaya belt +8 and belt 160+9 and 171 +9 belt.
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  • AK 194, full geared + helpyron wep(ID:117145)
    Azure Knight - Level 194 - Full geared Set +9: MC2 , Ilipia armor, pants, boots, 17X gloves 3x 1% melee + vit. Everything with 2 or 3 good brands (melee 300+, str, heal, 1% melee) Weapons: 2x Helpyron 1h Axe +10 (6x 9%), Lunacy Shield +10, 150+10 1h sword. Accessories: PVP: Perpetus, Mitera, 2x Master Wedding Ring, 2x Master Dragon Necklace, 2x Perfect Spell Dragon, Semperidem +5, Papaya Belt +9 PVE: Halloween Ring (lv5), Quartus Novus (lv4), Elanin Ring +9 2x Weeding Armlets +10 (3% gems), 2x Immos Permanent Emblem A and Dragon Emblem. Costumes: Swimming suit, Polar Bear, Master Asian, Sun Wukong, Cursed Witch, Basket Ball Home, Basket Ball Away, Tuxedo, Normal Uniform. Wings: Cursed Black, Papaya, Icy Dragon, Angelic, Phantom, wings of Holiness, Wings of Protection, Mechanic, Flag of War. Skills: Meister Velox Eques Maxed Unique Pets: Deux Marble, Bregon, Dragon Knight, Pumpkin Ghost, Slime, Ray. Tons of others old acessories, buffs, dshop buffs,
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  • 186 Azure Knight 2H(ID:117174)
    Over $1500+ USD worth of D-Shop Buffs, + MANY Other Buffs (See Attached Image) Level: 186 Rank: Elite Esquire 17 Runes ready to level to 195+ easy ! 10x Wings, EXP Amulets, Duplicate Runes(See Stash Page 3), Full Inventory/Stash Slots, 20x IB2 Tokens, 4x Blacksmith Protectors, 40x Camouflage 6500+ Malakites, Platinum Max HP/MP Pots, 24x Honeymoon Tickets Meister Skill: Amami=10 Arshuwin=10 Magnum=2 Gear: 1 Master Dragon Necklace, 1 Platinum Dragon necklace + 415 Dragon Souls. Fully upgraded Miterra's Bright Tears, Squama+Lachrymae 2x Spell Kracion, 2x Spell Dragon +10 175 2H Axe, +9 170 Shield, +9 160 1H Sword, +7 Lunacy Sword, +9 Illipia Armor 2x OP Brands, +9 150 Helmet, +9 150 Pants, +9 Speed Boots +9 Papaya Belt, 2x Immortality Jade Bracelets with 3% Gems. +7 L3 Valder Set(For Fun), Rare Juto Deva Helmet from A3 Level 3 Blue Horse Mount, Level 4 Red Bird Mount Unique Bregon Pet Circulation 31 Emblem, Snowflake Emblem, Meister Emblem Costumes: Polar Bear, Swimming Suit, Santa Hat, Carnival Mask B.
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