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As a game that has been running for 18 years, Runescape is the most popular mmorpg game in the world. In Gielinor's world, you will play an adventurer, explore the world, complete the mission. You can also trade or PK with other players. This game has many interesting skills, such as melee, magic, ranged, prayer and other fighting skills. Some skills used to manufacture and process things, such as smithing, crafting, mining, cooking, etc. Runescape is divided into two kinds: f2p or p2p. Some skills are owned by p2p players, such as Agility, herblore, summoning, slayer, hunter, thieving, construction, etc. You can join God's camp via God Emissaries. You can choose from Saradomin, Zamorak, Bandos, Zaros, Seren, Armadyl, Sliske or The Godless. With the launch of the mobile version of runescape, you will have a better and faster gaming experience on your mobile device.

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