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One of the most fascinating features introduced by Blade and Soul is the character customization feature. Soul & blade will offer a highly customizable system. Customizations a player has access to include hair styles, hair color, facial structures, eye color, eye brow shape, height, and body sliders. Blade and Soul (or also called BNS or Blade & Soul) is a martial arts dream MMORPG created by NCsoft and its Team Bloodlust division. The business hires the renowned Korean artist"Hyung-tae Kim" to work on the art and character design for this match. The game will feature amazing environments and a huge world for players to explore and Blade and Soul gold is made to be important in-game. Blade & Soul: Dawn of the Lost Continent is the growth that will be coming out on 6 of December 2017. It is the biggest update to Blade & Soul because Silverfrost Mountains Players will venture to the new territory of Solak in search of this long-lost Yun town of Valindria as they continue on the sweeping story of epic proportions. New dungeons will be introduced at the exact same time when the expansion is launched. Much like most contemporary MMORPG, Blade and Soul uses a real-time battle system in the third person camera perspective and requires players to"combo" a series of strikes, similar to those of fighting games (Example, King Of Fighters series or Street Fighter series). By completing quest assigned by 16, characters that research are created by players. Players can choose to play the game in PVP environment or PVE.

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