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Equipment is what sets you apart between players in MapleStory M. In Maple M, your level isn’t as important as what it used to be. The only thing that differs among players is your equipment’s stats. There are different levels of rarity for each equipment, Such as normal, rare, unique, epic, legendary, mythic and so on. Legendary equipment definitely gives a big boost to your stats (be it attack or defense). Most people strive for legendary equipment in MapleStory M as it gives a sense of accomplishment. 

Ranking up your unique equipment is one way that you can get legendary equipment in MapleStory M. If you don't want to be so troublesome, you can give this job to us. MMOko is the best place for you to buy Cheap maple m Legendary Weapons, Mythic Weapons, Legendary Equip and Mythic Equip. We need to log in your Maple M account to transfer the MapleStory M Items you purchased. We will complete the order delivery within three days. Please contact our online customer service for more details. 

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