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Hi I have been playing Maple M for awhile & I'd like to discuss some Tips & Tricks in this game. So far, I'm really enjoying the maplestory experience on mobile and I have decided to write this guide because when I started off, I had no clue where to invest my hard earned money and resources obtained throughout the game. Here are some that I wanted to discuss.



THE Fundamentals:

BEFORE WE START OFF ANYTHING, if your goal is to level up as soon as possible, I suggest choosing bishop as your course since at level 30 you unlock a skill that if used, gives you and your party members a 6 percent EXP buff at maximum skill level.



Auto Play and Quests As I write this guide I am currently letting an alt auto play its missions so that I can level it up without doing anything. Automobile play just works for quests, and quests are the primary way to quickly get XP in MSM.



You are not required to use this feature. The truth is I recommend to turn it off and play as soon as you're at the location because after the quests starts asking you to kill 40+ mobs that the AI can take a lot of time to finish them.You can rate run quests until around level 85 in this match, after that you will have to do other stuffs to gain XP.



Quests also give a massive number of limited resources early on in the game, after which they only give EXP and meso. Be sure that you read the resources section to find out when to use them.

Auto Battle and Dungeons



Automobile battle is another feature allowed in this game that shouldn't be confused with auto play. Essentially, this feature allows your personality to farm and combat on it's own, but you are only limited to 2 hours of botting daily or pay for more.



This attribute is EXTREMELY useful at high levels as there are no more available quests when you don't meet the degree requirements. It pairs particularly well with two types of dungeons: mini dungeons and starforce fields.







There are a good deal of resources in maple story, but some come in very limited volume.






This is by far the most common ressource in the game, and you should not have any problem getting this later on in your gameplay (lvl 90+). You get these in massive amounts just about everywhere. However, everything in walnut price something and usually it's pretty darn expensive, so don't go spending your meso around like candy.



I propose using meso to purchase epic armor from the trade market and complete a set. Sell any loot that you get and you don't desire from elite dungeons to have enough money to do this.

In high levels, the most expensive thing you will buy with meso are enhancements to your weapon/armor. Also, only improve your weapon/armor if it's epic quality; anything beneath will not be used because it is really expensive in powder and stones to update to higher or epic. So you gotta save up early. Enhance your weapon to around level 10 and the remainder to level 4, than focus on enhancing your weapon to around level 12 and the rest is up to you.



Remember when I said you will find resources that are really tough to come by? Well gold leafs are one of them.



The worst part is, the things you can purchase with leafs are extremely important to level up and update your weapon, but they are also way too expensive, rendering leafs useless. You only get these from assignments, achievements, and Nett's pyramid, so yeah they are tough to get.



I find leafs helpful for Occult Cubes, which are what you need to change the possible type (from Rare-Epic) of your equipment. Other than that you can buy weapon/armor powder and rank up stones, but I doubt you will ever have sufficient leafs to purchase a lot of these. So just purchase epic weapon powder to level up your weapon whenever you have sufficient leafs.



Armor/Weapon Powder

You want this to level up your weapon/armor and eventually upgrade it is rank. Problem is you get these from quests (after a certain point they stop), rewards, gold leafs, and elite dungeons. You cannot transfer these from character to character.



You need more than 500 of these to max level a special weapon, after which you'll be able to upgrade to legendary. Worst part? Weapon powder may only be used for weapons and armor powder can only be used for armor, which makes this resource even more scarce.



Armor/Weapon Rank up Stones

Same idea as the armor/weapon powder, except you are able to move these between personalities with your storage. So if you have alts they aren't a pain in the ass to come by as you get a good deal of these from the first quest assignments.



Equipment You could also buy equipment through the trade channel. There a also some very special equipment you can purchase with Mu Long or make from Nett's pyramid.



I suggest getting the majority of your gear from the trade channel because 1. It cost meso and 2. So you don't need to go though the hardship of leveling and standing them up. Try to purchase epic gear since that's the maximum rank you can purchase from the market. Some people can even market their distinctive weapon/armor using a special item that cost gems so if you see a exceptional item and you can afford it, get it!



An epic armor/weapon should cost around 1 mil meso give or take but that can change due to how new the game is.



Always level up, enhance, upgrade, your weapon .






Didn't buy any yet but you can't acquire any makeup through F2P so if you get free gems be sure to pimp out your personality!

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