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We're getting closer to the start of a new NFL season, which means that we're getting closer to the launch of a new incarnation of EA Sports' Madden NFL franchise. As you'd probably guess, the Minnesota Vikings have numerous high-energy gamers, and while the ranks we are going to show you are still"unofficial," I can't imagine they'd change too much from what has been leaked out so far.
Madden 19 will be the first Madden in ages where the Browns and Jaguars aren't legitimately terrible. It wasn't until this past season where they have changed from bottom dwellers to playoffs-bound. The Jaguars, after an impressive season and operate in the playoffs, now feature one of the NFL's top defenses, a stout running game, and a Blake Bortles playing with confidence.
The best part of a franchise mode in a sports video game is taking a team from worst in the league to champions. In Madden 19, below are some teams that are great candidates for a connected franchise rebuild.
That is especially true when you add in WR Allen Robinson, WR Taylor Gabriel and TE Trey Burton. The defense has Kyle Fuller and Prince Amukamara returning in the secondary, and they have added Aaron Lynch as an edge rusher. They have even added arguably the best linebacker in the draft in Georgia's Roquan Smith.
It's been a long time since I picked up a new Madden, but with as stacked as the Vikings are, it may actually be kind of fun again. (Yeah, I really don't enjoy Madden if I can't win with the Vikings. Don't tell me you are not the identical way.) We're about six weeks from the launch, as it's schedule to come out on numerous platforms. . .including its return to the world of PC gaming. .
It's not just taking over a badly rated team that makes a rebuild in Madden fun. It's young and talented players, and the ability to get assets to mould your team the way you want. So here are the top five teams I think will be best for a rebuild in Madden 19.
Meanwhile, the Browns have made some serious moves to upgrade their roster following a 0-16 season. The running game now comes with a three-headed attack of Carlos Hyde, Duke Johnson, and rookie Nick Chubb. The secondary improved with fourth overall pick Denzel Ward. Myles Garrett has a year of experience under his belt. And an already nice core of receivers (Josh Gordon, Corey Coleman, David Njoku) added former Dolphins WR Jarvis Landry.
Both these teams used to be popular picks for rebuilds in Madden's Connected Franchise mode. Take a terrible team with aging pieces and turn them into a winner. Choose a team where you are able to begin rookies at skill positions and construct the offense you desire. That's one of the most rewarding things you can do in Madden.
Normally I'd say the Chicago Bears are an excellent choice for a rebuild in Connected Franchise. But after the off-season they've had, the Bears will be a very fun team to play as in Madden 19. The Bears have young, talented playmakers all over the field. They feature a second-year quarterback in Mitchell Trubisky that looks poised for a jump in production.
I'm quite interested to see where a number of the other Vikings shake out in this one, particularly quarterback Kirk Cousins. With participant evaluations changing in Madden from week to week based on performance, there is a good chance we could see multiple members of the Vikings move up the list over the course of the season.
Coming from the Jags' season and Browns' off-season, I am not so sure they're good candidates for a Madden rebuild anymore. Sure, you'd get to play as young, exciting players. It is always fun to start a rookie at QB and win ROY.
The highest-rated participant on the purple, not surprisingly, is security Harrison Smith, who is rated at 93 on a scale with a max rating of 99. (For the record, apparently Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Donald, and Antonio Brown are the only three players in the game with a 99 rating.) Right behind him is Xavier Rhodes with a score of 92. The next two players on the Vikings' list are the team's top two receivers, and the folks at EA prefer Stefon Diggs to Adam Thielen, rating Diggs at a 90 while putting Thielen at an 88.
The Vikings are towards the end of the video, at the 5:40 mark if you are scoring at home. The movie reveals the top players for almost every group (there were a few that got left out), but anyone that's going to be using the Vikings will be pretty happy with their choice.
So if you're looking for a team to reconstruct in Madden 19, this isn't the one. They've added big pieces. They have their young quarterback. Now they just have to win.

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