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A clss, also referred to as hero, is a distinctive group of characters that a player can opt to utilize during Fortnite gameplay. Classes are broken down into subclasses, with every subclass having traits in the kind of special perks (passives) and skills.
The amount of perks and abilities is dependent upon the individual hero's maximum development and degree, together with unlocked after the third development and attaining level 30. The highest an individual protagonist can evolve relies on that hero's rarity; all heroes have the capacity to gain all perks and skills, with evolutions past the next continuing to increase stats:
Unusual: around four evolutions
Epic, Legendary, and Mythic: around five evolutions
Heroes are the major playable characters in Save the World. There are currently four major types of Heroes, which each have several sub classes. While each Hero in Fortnite can build, research, and maintain their own on the battlefield, every sub class has access to a special set of Abilities and Traits that provides them a special style of play.
There are 4 Fortnite Courses available to players when they first start playing the game. Determining which Fortnite Hero Class is your best is difficult since each has their own helpful abilities. Selecting your Hero will come down which sort of player you're, if you're a builder then the constructor course is possibly for you.
Selecting a hero class that is most appropriate for you is among the more challenging things which you'll need to perform in Fortnite. As soon as you get to the point where you have the ability to evolve your heroes, you'll have to make a decision on which hero course is the favourite. Having the luxury of evolving multiple hero courses isn't something which you'll have unless you give some serious hours into this game.
The choice is yours, but the details below will help. Considering that the game puts no limitations on the amount of heroes you can level up, your end goal must be to have one of each, but this manual will help you choose which order you would like to set the progression in.
The soldier is the most well rounded course of them all. If you're having a very hard time deciding which one is right for you, you can not go wrong with a soldier. You get an even balance of crafting, defense and offense. Any special skills with the soldier course will normally focus toward dealing lots of damage, making them great to have during the tougher assignments. But while the solder does not let you play with your strengths. The solder is great as a means to discover what your play style is like. If you find you enjoy building more, then the constructor course is for you.
Pros Cons
Deals Plenty of harm No bonuses for building
Grenades & Mines
As the title may suggest, the constructor course is targeted toward building and there lots of reasons to use a constructor hero if you're a person who really enjoys the construction element of Fortnite. The Constructor can't just build structures faster than the rest of the courses, but the cost of construction is also much more economical. An ability named B.A.S.E allows the constructor to construct a construction area which will reduce prices and amplify the building of everything in its own range. Just as this is a course for building things, does not mean this course cant fight. In actuality, the constructor has a very substantial defense and may take quite a great deal of damage as a result of larger physical size of the heros from the constructor class.
Pros Cons
Can take a lot of harm Not good at dealing damage
Builds structures faster
Builds structures cheaper
The ninja course is the quickest most nimble hero course in the game. A sword in front of a ninja is a deadly weapon, but it of course means you will need to get up close and because the ninja has a comparatively low defense in comparison to the others, you're relying on others to get your back because of this. The ninja is the fastest course and has an ability called mantis jump which permits you to jump incredibly high.
Pros Cons
Quick movement Speed Low defense
Mantis Leap Ability
High sword damage
The Outlander is the last hero class type in Fortnite and I feel like this course is sort of out by itself. The Outlander isn't a particularly great class for battle, nor can it be a fantastic class for building. When searching containers, there's a higher chance that there'll be a greater volume or a more rare item of loot inside compared to what another hero courses will find. The downfall comes when we enter battle. Both offense and defense for the Outlander is quite a bit lower compared to others. There's a time and a place for an outlander and that location is not on assignments with a great deal of combat!
Pros Cons
Easier to locate Treasure chests 

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