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MyTeam is a sport style from the NBA 2K series which lets you build your own team, consisting of current and former NBA players. You are able to customize your team's franchise and look. MyTeam has several distinct gamemodes inside of it. Nevertheless, in every game mode, you control a complete group, which range from three players at a time to five players at a time. You may switch between players in any opportunity to play as the player nearest to the ball. When your team owns the ball, you play as the player who's currently holding the ball. You have to collect cards from many unique methods so as to construct your all-star lineup. The degree of cards varies with each colour; in order from worst to best, the colours are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, Amethyst, Diamond and Pink Diamond. You have to employ contracts for your players in order for them to play in your team; you could also apply shoes which boost stats.

You can also get cards with MT on what's known as the'Auction House'. This is where other players sell their players for a specific amount of MT. there's a search system on the Auction House where you can set filters so as to look for certain players. A participant should choose what the bidding begins at for their playernevertheless, they're not made to specify a buy now price. Most players use this to their advantage when selling higher tiered/colored cards, like Rubys and above. The Auction House is a resourceful approach to gain certain cards so as to complete collections. 20-pack boxes include a Topper, which ensures an Emerald card or better. The only pack that's a continuous and remains throughout the whole match are League Packs. League Packs include normal cards, together with Moments Cards, which can be released for a player when they perform with a spectacular game. There's a collection for different kinds of players, coaches, playbooks, balls, etc.. By way of instance, if you collect every player card to your 2017-2018 Cavaliers NBA Season, you acquire a Sapphire throwback player that used to play for the Cavaliers. Historic Collections and Gems of the Game collections often offer you a better reward.


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