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Jagex has made no announcement of official release plans besides 2018, but a mobile version has been discussed for so long now I would not place too much stock in any dates or timelines at this stage but with how complete the game seems to be now, 2018 seems quite reasonable for Old-School Runescape Mobile.
Old-School Runescape is the model coming to mobile. Runescape is also coming to cellular but just after Old-School Runescape has established. It's tough to believe it has been 15 years now that Runescape has existed and in case you haven't played the game in some time, a lot has changed, but obviously Jagex has also made sure that much has remained the same.
Jagex released Old-School Runescape, also referred to as 2007scape, in 2013 after much community backlash over numerous changes into the core game. Complaints ranged from images, combats systems and new abilities that players argued had basically altered the game to a point that it was not the exact same game they'd come to know and love.
Old-School Runescape aimed to correct those issues by incorporating an almost unchanged match in the 2007 version. All the core features and gameplay is precisely as it had been in 2007 but the sport also receives new content updates to keep things fresh while still remaining true to the original roots of the sport. All upgrades are completely community driven with any upgrade requiring 75% of the community vote.
If you are at all interested in Runescape, now's a fantastic time to jump in if you never have before. You can still join at the site if you are considering the Beta. Personally as a long-time participant of Runescape, I am super excited for a mobile edition. You can expect complete coverage of Runescape Mobile as more information become available.
Runescape now has 2 versions of this game. Runescape is the present modern version of the game running on the glistening MTX engine with updated graphics, combat systems, and abilities. It's the most modern version of the sport to date, and it has come a long way in the days of yore when Runescape was browser established. If you're not familiar with the entire confusing structure of Runescape and what is coming, I will explain. Runescape itself is a previously browser-based MMORPG. It has all of the elements you'd expect from an MMO but has a significant focus on abilities, from combat abilities to crafting, fishing, and even woodcutting. There's also an extremely complex market, puzzle-like quests, PvP, and all the other components in a traditional MMORPG.

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