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EA has not only got the Champions League emblem; it has also got a brand new commentary team only for European nights under the lights. Derek Rae and Lee Dixon provide their professional opinion for the Champions League, so you will have more than just the typical set of Martin Tyler and Alan Smith for business.
A Touch Of Class Part 2
Among the most annoying things about previous FIFA games is that it was not completely clear whether in-game strategic choices --like with your wingers swap sides or forcing your defense to play an offside trap--were triggered. As soon as you clicked the button, you never knew whether it would be busy permanently or if it was temporary and whether it was currently occupied. This year, there is a definite toggle, so you know when you are telling a center-back to join the assault. I mean, you should probably be able to tell in the 6ft 6in bulge that is standing on the goal line, so you might need to get your eyes checked.
A Little Class
As part of active touch, now you can feint to go in one direction prior to getting the ball while actually touching the ball in the opposite direction. Sucks to be a guardian.
Game programs are a new feature in FIFA 19 which permit you to configure alternative tactical options before the game. This means that you can now have different game plans for when you're 1-0 down and will need to go on the offensive--pushing full-backs up and having more players flooding the box, for example--and for when you're 2-0 up and wish to protect your lead. As soon as you've made your plans, you merely use the d-pad in-game to switch to your other pre-meditated systems. Sadly, this means all-out park and attack the bus no longer exist as in-game alternatives.
Another new player instruction option is the ability to inform a central midfielder to pay the wing or the middle of the park.
EA says 50/50 battles over a loose ball will now take into consideration a lot more factors than they did last year, including player characteristics and consumer reaction times. FIFA 19 has been revealed. We know its launch date, we know that it's poached the Champions League permit from rival football game PES, and we understand it will feature the next and last chapter of Alex Hunter's narrative in The Journey. But very little has been shared about how the game feels and plays.

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