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Eventually you would take enough damage to put off your high level CWDT installation and spells, dealing more harm. (You can check out this guide for information about how to find the build running. The video below was created during 2.6, but the manual was updated for 3.0 and works.)
Unfortunately, this construct is not quite as interesting as others. You wear a couple of Clayshapers for extra golems, and get points on the tree to get more golems. And then you simply stack a thousand Primordial Jewels in your skill tree. The Anima Stone lets you've got two golems, Primordial Might makes them more competitive which enhances the AI considerably. After that, you pile as many Primordial Harmonys since it is possible to find jewel slots.
How can this AFK build stay alive? Well, it uses Razor of the Seventh Sun to mitigate all of the damage you deal to yourself.
First off, this construct doesn't really kill your enemies. I am including it because it has the capacity to AFK in the front of the toughest enemy in Path of Exile, permitting you to get up, stretch, and, once you return into the computer, kill him at one button click. For anybody who doesn't understand how HOGM functions, real players have filed their personalities and become a part of their enemies there. You struggle through 50 other real players and maintain great loot.
Remember when I said there is no real need or want to AFK in any place? Well, there's one. Golems can take out Shaper easily as you're dead. That's right, provided that you can get into the final Shaper region and have the ideal setup, you may happily die, sit back, and allow your golems do all of the work. The main reason for this is that you can pile up enough defenses and regeneration to your golems that there is not anything in the game that could kill them quickly enough.
This is a construct I emphasized last league as one of my favorites. It made use of ignites to deal damage by having a million charms go off whenever your character gets hit by anything. When you have hit, each these low level spells will go off. Through various procedures, you'd have a high ignite chance on those spells, so they would spark the enemy pretty much each time. This would cause a response with your amulet, stating that you take 100 fire damage each time you provoke an enemy. This chains into your CWDT set up, shooting more spells and inducing more ignites. And so on and so on.
Each time you block -- that is 75 percent of the time -- there is a 20% chance for your energy defense to begin regenerating. Since we are Occultists, if our energy shield starts to regenerate, the procedure can not be stopped for four seconds. It can be somewhat iffy for the very first activation, but when you've started regenerating, the odds make it almost impossible for you to stop, particularly against the enemies in HOGM, who attack very quickly.
You are also a Berserker, which means each time you take 15 percent of your maximum life in one hit, you leech 100% of the damage you return as life. Ignites are enough to keep you alive against little enemies, Cloaked in Savagery is sufficient for big enemies.
Unfortunately, one significant element of the construct was neutered in 3.0, which is that ignites don't pile up anymore. You may no longer use Emberwake to empower incredible damage amounts. To offset this, the founder put in a Magma Orb installment in the belly, allowing to get a great deal of extra damage, and much more ignites to install your CWDT setup. Needless to say, once you're using this you are not really AFK, but you can still AFK just fine, your damage will only be much lower.
How efficient are AFK assembles at clearing content? Not very. There aren't many places in Path of Exile that you would want to AFK in anyway, because the mobs near you'd die, and then you would have nothing left to strike you. And even if dinosaurs were always coming in you, these AFK builds are much poorer than any normal build. This is what keeps assembles balanced. You can not just walk away from the computer and gain five levels. However they do push the limits of what is deemed potential and workable in Path of Exile, and theorycrafting AFK assembles is definitely entertaining.
And that is it. You can stand in the center of swarms no issue, and in HOGM, we bring in a Scorching Ray setup to really kill the players after we are done laughing at them.
As soon as you've completed your construct and your tree and have 8Primordial Harmonys, you will have golems regenerating 25-30percent of the lifetime per second, and each of them have lifetime pools which are over 20,000. Even when they are standing in the center of the toughest content in the game, there's very little that your golems can not deal with. If you die, simply let your golems mop up everything before heading back in!
He is a player who filed a character to HOGM having the most expensive equipment in the game, which character's construct was developed to one-shot players through enormous critical hits. We all know how weird that sounds. AFK builds? What are theyrobots? No, but in Path of Exile, you can set up yourself to become almost invincible with the ideal items/stats/skills. Some of them builds also deal damage back to the individual hitting them. Because of this, it is possible to clear content while not touching one button -- this is the reason why they're known as AFK builds.
You might also wear Abberath's Hooves so that your opponents would not have to hit you to initiate the procedure. You walking over them would cause the first spark, beginning the chain. If this was not enough, you could activate your Doedre's Elixir, causing harm to yourself and shooting even your high level CWDT setups.
How can we beat DanziGG? We purchase a Xirgil's Crank, because each time you block there is a chance your energy shield starts to recharge. Then, we purchase a whole lot of Reckless Defence jewels for the tree (sufficient to cap your block opportunity for the two attacks and spells at 75 percent ). Following this, we pile energy shield and reduce the time ahead of our energy shield begins regenerating into the lowest possible price. And then, we stand at a whole lot of mobs and walk off.

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