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After conducting over 50 full seven-game series simulations at "NBA 2K18" it is apparent that, at least at the advanced engine which drives the movie game, these Warriors have the capability to replace that Bulls team as the best ever. The Warriors will need to impress against the highest of expectations to be discussed as the best team ever assembled, but "NBA 2K" clearly believes they probably will wind up doing that. "NBA 2K18" comprises over 60 of the most compelling teams in league history, extending all the way back to the legendary Celtics and Lakers squads led by Bill Russell and Jerry West in the 1960s. None of those traditional teams feature four players ranked 87 or higher. Only four teams have three of these. These Warriors are a very different animal. No other team in the NBA features over two players ranked 87 or greater, and the Warriors have five of these. If the Rockets can retain Clint Capela, then they would come closest to Golden State, he is only a point away from reaching 87 and linking Chris Paul and James Harden in that elite class. The back-to-back defending champion Warriorsbig favorites to win again next season, added yet another All-Star to the roster at DeMarcus Cousins and have assembled arguably the most imposing starting five in the history of the league.
Beyond"NBA 2K" simulations have shown that the 1995-96 Bulls would be the best group of all time. Surprisingly, the results were not even close. The Bulls, a team that had mastered all competitions in previous simulations, were not able to sufficiently challenge the Warriors with their starting lineup filled with All-Stars. The Warriors will enter the 2018-19 season with a starting lineup that includes former MVPs Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry (both rated 96 Total in"NBA 2K18"). They're joined by Cousins (90 Total ), Klay Thompson (89 Total ) and Draymond Green (87 Total ). Not only were the series wins lopsided -- the Warriors came out on top 77 percent of the time -- but there was not much of a battle along the way, as Golden State swept or won in five games in 53 percent of these series victories. Even in the show that the Bulls did win, they nearly all went at least six games, and there were no sweeps in their side. MORE: LeBron only makes Lakers 40-win team, based on"NBA 2K"

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